Hi Amy!

Please tell us about yourself:

I’m a real estate broker in Boca Raton, FL.

How did you get into the Real Estate market in South Florida?

I opened my company in South Florida in 2004 when we moved here from Massachusetts.  I am also a broker licensed in Massachusetts.

What is your experience?

I’ve been selling real estate for over 25 years.

Which areas do you particularly like to work in, and what is your connection to these areas?

I particularly like to work in Palm Beach and Broward counties.  I live in Palm Beach county and consider both counties part of my community.

What is the unique value that you provide to your customers?

Personal and professional service.

As Covid19 had a great impact on the market this year, how do you foresee the 2020/2021 trends in the Real Estate market in South Florida?

There will be turnover. Still unclear whether prices will be up or down yet.

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