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Florida Title Center has partnered with Pavaso– a leader in digital mortgage transformation to deliver our clients fully digital and hybrid eClosing through Pavaso’s secure collaborative platform that streamlines the entire closing process. We are grateful to be working with Pavaso’s cutting edge technology. Please see below Remote Online Notarization Q&A, provided by Pavaso.

What is Remote Online Notarization?

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is the act of notarizing documents electronically with an electronic seal online, from a separate physical location than the signer. A notary performing a RON transaction must be a legally commissioned notary public who is authorized to conduct notarizations over the internet using digital tools on live audio-video calls. The notary is required to validate identification and witness the signing event online. Pavaso’s Digital Close Enterprise (DCE) platform gives notaries the tools they need to conduct an online closing. During RON closings, notaries validate the consumer’s identity and digital signatures are applied to documents. If a document requires a wet signature, the notary will need to obtain the wet-signature prior to closing the order. Documents requiring wet signatures must be printed from the Pavaso portal and scanned/imported into the system to successfully close an order. Each RON session is recorded and available to all participants post-closing.

Can multiple Closing Agents access/begin the RON order?

Only one Closing Agent can begin and enter the RON session.

What can/can’t an Observer do?

An Observer can:
• View the consumer’s screen
An Observer cannot:
• Participate in Audio
• Be seen on via webcam
• Sign any documents
• Hear any audio inside the RON session

Can a consumer’s identity be manually validated by the notary if they are personally
known by the notary?

No. All consumers must pass the security questions and ID validation portion of the RON signing. This is a future enhancement in development.

Do witnesses go through any type of identity validation when signing a witness tag?

For RON, it is the expectation that the witness is present with the consumer or the notary and can be seen via their webcam.

Can a Company Admin access the RON recording after an order is Closed?

Only if the user is on the order. The company Admin role does not grant rights to view or download the RON video.
The user who created the order and the user(s) listed on the order have access to view and download the RON

What type of identity verification does the consumer complete during a RON signing?

Identity proofing is used to verify and authenticate the identity of every consumer participating in a RON session. Pavaso’s third-party partner validates identity in three ways:
Security Questions – Consumers are required to answer a set of security questions generated from a
trusted third-party knowledge-based authentication database.
Government or State ID –Consumers are also required to validate their photo ID through a trusted third party identify verification service. They must use their smartphone to take a picture of their photo ID and
upload it via text. International numbers are accepted; however, the smartphone must be able to receive
a text from a United States phone number.
Video Identification – Notaries may also validate the consumer’s identification by asking them to hold up
their state-issued identification card, driver’s license, or a government-issued passport to their web
camera. Proper lighting and clear visibility are required to validate each participant.

If a seller is selling a rental property, which address should be entered in Order Details?

The seller’s primary residence address should be entered in the fields.

How are documents completed that do not allow eNotarization, such as the Note?

Documents requiring wet signature that cannot be digitally notarized can still be added to the order on Pavaso.
These documents would need to be sent to the consumer and then mailed back. Once received, they can be
imported to the order like any other wet-signed document.

I have a Chromebook, which uses Chrome browser. Will this be compatible with RON?

A Surface Pro using Chrome is currently the only supported tablet for RON.

For more information about the technology we use for your eClosing, visit www.pavaso.com

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