Join “The Realtors & Us” Program of Florida Title Center.
It’s Free!

The best part of being a boutique Title Insurance company is collaborating with Realtors in the area. Therefore we have designed the Realtors & Us program in order to assist our Realtor partners in expanding their business! We share tips and advice about real estate business management and online marketing strategies.  Helping you network in the area, we take a very proactive approach.

Best of all, we may even publish your bio profile on FTC’s site. We will also unlock for you super valuable techniques and methods that will truly help you scale up your business! Helping you grow is our specialty!

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  • Terms: 1.“The Realtors & us” program is offered free to some of the realtors who Florida Title Center (“FTC”) work with 2.As part of the program, FTC may (but is not obligated in any way), help you promote your business as part of our marketing efforts on various platforms, including our website, ads, SEO and social media posts. The idea and the content will be about the appreciation that FTC has to the realtors who we work with, and a specific description of your business (based on the information you will provide us with) 3.Under any circumstances, FTC is not obligated to provide any work or marketing services or any promotional effort, under this agreement, or any other agreement to you. Form a time to time we may voluntarily provide marketing assistance to realtors we work with, nothing- any partnership, nor email correspondence or closing services that we may provide to you, can constitute a commitment or obligation of Florida Title Center to continue providing any service to you or your firm or to continue having you or your firm on our site. IF FTC will choose to help you promote your business it will be on a completely voluntary basis and will not constitute any commitment from FTC to you. By agreeing to this agreement and by registering under the Realtors & Us Program, you hereby consent to be published by us on social media with links to your site. You understand that we may not have control on these posts in the future (for example if someone else will share them) 4.Both parties may terminate this agreement at any time and FTC will delete your information (upon your request) within 14 days. No binding: THIS DOCUMENT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE OR CREATE, AND SHALL NOT BE DEEMED TO CONSTITUTE OR CREATE, ANY LEGALLY BINDING OR ENFORCEABLE OBLIGATION ON THE PART OF EITHER PARTY TO ANY AGREEMENT. Thanks!