With the spread of COVID-19 and as a result of businesses being forced to shut down and people being asked to stay in their homes, the economy has been hit hard. In order to combat the economic impact, the Federal Reserve made the decision to cut down the interest rates to nearly zero.

Alongside this, the Federal Reserve announced that it’ll be buying at the very least $700 billion in government as well as mortgage-related bonds, in order to protect their economy and stabilize the markets.

As revealed by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell,
The actions we have announced today will help American families and businesses, and indeed, our entire economy whether this difficult period and will foster a more vigorous return to normal once the disruptions from the coronavirus abate.”

Since then, we’ve witnessed the mortgage rates to drop at an all-time low. And if you are someone with high-interest debt, then you should seriously consider refinancing your mortgage straight away.

The question is, “Should You Refinance Right Now?”

Refinancing is an action of paying off your existing loan by simply replacing it with a new one.

Mentioned below are few of the benefits of refinancing:

  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Predictable Costs
  • Shorten Your Term
  • Better Mortgage Rate

There’s just a single downside to refinancing i.e. you’ll be required to take care of the closing costs to finalize a regular mortgage.

And if you are someone with high-interest debt, then you should grab this opportunity today itself.

With so many people already looking forward to refinancing, it’s really important for you to understand how it works.

Here’s the thing:

It’s really important for just anybody to get in touch with a title-insurance company prior to refinancing.

If you don’t already know what title insurance is all about, we’ve got it covered for you.

How Title Insurance Works Exactly?

For any real estate transaction, title insurance is essential. Title companies are required to conduct a search on just every title to look out for liens or claims against them of any kind prior to issuing title insurance.

A title search’s a brief examination of the public records in order to confirm the legal ownership of the property and learn whether there are any kinds of claims on the property.

Not only does it protect the real estate owners, but it even protects the lenders against any kind of loss or damage, as a result of encumbrances, liens or defects in the actual ownership of the property.

Listed below are the two types of title insurances:

  • Lender’s Title Insurance
  • Owner’s Title Insurance

Why Does One Need Lender’s Title Insurance?

All conventional banks, as well as lenders, will require a lender’s title insurance policy for proceeding forward with your refinance.

A lender’s title insurance is one of the most common types of title insurance, in which the borrower will be purchasing coverage in order to protect the lender. Almost all the lenders ask the borrower to buy a lender’s title insurance policy in order to protect lenders, in case the seller wasn’t able to transfer the title of the ownership rights legally. This insurance will protect the lender against any loss.

Secondly, the borrowers can simply reach out to a title insurance company of their choosing in order to issue the lender’s title insurance coverage. And then only will the borrowers be subject to obtaining loans.  However, it’s advisable for the borrowers to inform the lenders about which title insurance company they will be getting in touch with while submitting their loan application.

As a borrower, it’s your right to select your title company for issuing the lender’s title insurance coverage for the loan.

And that’s how all of it falls in place.

And if you are serious about refinancing, it’s time you reached out to Florida Title Center today itself.

Our Offers

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Here’s what we have to offer:

  • You will be subject to the best lenders in our network who work with us. Alongside this, we will make sure that you get the lowest rates in town.
  • Worried about the closing fee? It’s the lowest that you would have ever seen.
  • Got owner policy? Congratulations, you are eligible for re-issue credit.
  • Last but not least, we will provide you with an additional $250 Butler Rebate Credit

Sounds amazing, right?


With COVID-19 pandemic disrupting our daily lives, various businesses all across the world have completely shut down. But the thing is customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

And that’s exactly why we took almost all of our services online in order to continue offering our high-quality title services without any disruptions.

Not only do we guarantee a lower title cost, but you’ll be subject to a seamless experience and additional credit.

Firstly, we want you to be safe.

We, at Florida Title Center, are closely monitoring the situation. If you are facing any kind of problems, let me repeat that ANY, you can feel free to reach out to us.

And if you want to get started with your refinancing, it’s time you got in touch with us straight away.

Want to hear more? Our live chat is one click away!


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