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This is a guest article post by Hannah Derby

By Hannah Derby


Whether you are a real estate agent or an individual who wants to sell their home on their own terms, you should know that there are a few tricks to master in order to sell real estate fast. These tricks come as a result of long years of experience in the real estate industry and experts use them not only to sell houses but to build a shiny reputation in the world of real estate. Here are some of these tricks that will help you find the next owner of your house.


Lots of Contacts

You might be wondering how a great number of contacts can be an ace in the sleeve when selling a home. The truth is that knowing a lot of people and more importantly, knowing the right people will open so many doors and show you the opportunities you never thought you had. These contacts should be potential buyers and prospective experienced people dwelling in the real estate industry as well as marketing experts and people with huge influence on social media.

Tools for Virtual Staging

In the era of the internet, all you need to promote a listing is a quality virtually staged photo. Instead of staging the rooms for viewing, which can be very expensive, you can hire a virtual stager who will digitally furnish the photo of the empty space and show its full potential. The cost of staging a home virtually is much lower than the cost of staging a home in the old traditional way. Plus, the fact that more than 90% of people start the search for a new home online only supports the significance of the use of virtual staging.

Print Advertising

Apart from the digital opportunities, you must think of how to advertise the house in the real world. One of the most attention-grabbing methods is using a billboard with a huge photograph of the listing. Hence, the need for printed photographs. Some would say that the impact of the print advertising real estate marketing has significantly decreased over the last few years, however, driving to your home from work and taking a look at the huge billboard on the road with a captivating sight of a house would certainly grab your attention, right?

Additionally, newspaper advertising is also a powerful strategy that worked wonders in the past as potential buyers would look through the newspapers and compare the houses based on their description. Today, there are online versions of newspapers and everything works the same way, even much more effectively because with just a click you can transfer to the website where the house is put on the listing and see photos, descriptions, reviews etc, based on which you can make a decision to arrange a viewing.

Maximum Online Exposure

Furthermore, the realtor needs to use all the social media platforms so that the advertisement about the house gets to as many people as possible. Facebook and Instagram are very powerful tools because you can target your audience on there and have the advertisement for the house on sale appear to people who will probably need to buy one in near future (newlyweds, young people who moved town for work, etc).

Direct Mail Marketing

You can use this popular print advertising strategy to inform the residents in the neighbourhood that a local house is for sale. Usually, the realtors send postcards to the neighbours with informative details about the house that is for sale. This strategy very often proves to be useful as the families that receive the postcard might know someone who is looking for a house so they would spread the news. There is a psychological factor as well in this strategy. The person who gets the postcard will recommend the place to their friend or family member because they would appreciate some familiar faces down the street.

To Sum Up

Selling a home is not an emotional task to do, it is simply a job. The approach must be professional and the use of different strategies can help sell the house faster. One of these strategies is using different marketing techniques. In fact, using just the right marketing strategy might be key to closing the deal or not. Moreover, this is what the person who is selling the house needs as well as the potential buyer: they need to know everything about the house, its advantages and flaws along with the whole potential the house has.

Using tricks like the ones explained above will simply increase the chances of selling  a house fast. Even though experience is very important, the persistence is also a valuable asset. Sometimes, luck is also needed and convenient market conditions, however, the knowledge and skills to sell a house are what makes a sale happen.




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