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We process FAST title search reports! As fast as 24 hours, searching Lien, Deed, Foreclosure, Judgement or Delinquent Tax Information

Sale Processing

We master every step of real estate Sale Processing in South Florida. From the title search and preparing the closing documentation


To protect both buyer and seller during the home purchasing process, we provide state-of-the-art escrow services in which we, as a neutral third party


eClosing is Here! Close your Real Estate transaction at the time and place most convenient to you! Florida Title Center will provide with secure high-end video

Florida Real Estate Title Company

“This inspiration that we get from the Realtors with whom we work truly motivates us. We push harder and farther in finding new ways to assist them”


Proud to Offer the Best Title Company Experience In South Florida

We welcome you to re-imagine title services. With professional TLC and a thorough understanding of the real estate market in South Florida, we have re-designed the way that title services should look. Whether you are a real estate agent from Plantation or Fort Lauderdale who needs a same-day title search or Escrow Services, or you are a broker firm with multiple agents helping buyers & sellers in Boca Raton or Davie, we are here for you!

To provide excellent title services. To search for any hidden lien. To process your transaction. To provide exceptional escrow services. Call on Florida Title Center!

We are in the business of providing you peace of mind throughout your closing and title processing. It is that simple. The real estate market in South Florida is the environment in which we have grown. We believe in this outstanding market and we enjoy every moment of working with the amazing people who make this industry so dynamic.

Our Commitment

→   Competitive closing cost
→  Fast processing and closing- we can close the file within 10 business days
→  Clean & Clear Property: Real closing solution- using high-end software and
closing technologies
→  Appointed by a large pool of the best underwriters in the industry.
→  One-on-one personal and high-standard customer service throughout the
entire process with real availability, ongoing updates and strong
→  We would love to help you network within your industry as your success is our mission. We will be delighted to see you joining our network and participating in one of our ongoing marketing activities such as events, lectures, parties and strong marketing activities.


When purchasing a piece of real estate, you will go through many steps in order…

Title insurance can play a critical role in guarding against losses when buying a property….

As you go through the home-buying process, your title company will do a title search…


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Esther Leavitt- Azulay is the founder and CEO of Florida Title Center and is predecessor in the Real estate Title industry since 2009.

Esther is a licensed attorney with the Israel bar association and a licensed Title Agent in the State of Florida.

She attended Tel Aviv University where she graduated with a Master at Law in Real Estate Studies.

After graduating in 2009, Ms. Leavitt-Azulay secured employment with Israel’s Court as an attorney where she gained wide away of experience in fields such as contract dispute and Real Estate law.

Concurrently she has been involved in the Florida real estate market as an investor and entrepreneur.

As the head of Florida Title Center, she is responsible for corporate finance, company staff performance, and customer satisfaction from buyers, sellers, Real Estate agents, and lenders.

Attorney Dvora Weinreb has been practicing law since 1992. As an undergraduate, she attended Brandeis University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in American Studies and Legal Studies and a minor in Judaic Studies. She was awarded the Justice Louis B. Brandeis Essay Prize for outstanding legal writing.

In January 1997, Mrs. Weinreb established the Law Offices of Dvora M. Weinreb, P.A., a boutique solo law practice with an emphasis in residential and commercial real estate transactions, business law, and simple estate planning. Mrs. Weinreb has been a proud attorney provider for Arag Legal Services since 1992.

Additionally, Ms. Weinreb is licensed in Washington D.C. and the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida

Gil Azulay  joined FTC in 2018.. He oversees high level operational duties, client relationships and marketing ang is responsible for effective and successful management of labor, productivity and quality control. He serves regularly as company’s representative on regular issues, enhances the operational flow, procedures, and principles in the area of operation flow and management.

Gil Azulay served three years in the IDF, he graduated Processes and Engineering Management in Ben Guryon University , has a rich and extensive experience in organization structuring and entrepreneurship in Florida, California and Virginia.


Real estate transactions can always involve a lot of different people from both sides of the sale. So, the thought of adding yet another one – a title company –  may have you hesitant. Truth is, you are going to need title services and you are going to want escrow services. 

Here are a few of the benefits of working with a title company:

  • A diligent title search to uncover any title issues
  • Taking steps toward curing anything clouding the title
  • Issuing the appropriate title insurance policies
  • Handling complex transactions with ease thanks to extensive experience
  • Preparing and organizing closing documents
  • Securing an escrow account
  • Guiding the parties through the closing 
  • Recording the transactional documents after the closing is complete

At Florida Title Center, we have everything you need to ensure your real estate transaction goes as smoothly as possible. 


There are two main types of title insurance – a lender’s policy and an owner’s policy. Each of these title insurance policies offer protection in case title issues arise after the closing.

A few of the many different title defects include: 

  • Forged or fraudulent deed
  • Unknown heirs
  • Erroneous recordings 
  • Clerical errors/omissions
  • Easements
  • Outstanding taxes
  • Judgments 

A lender’s title insurance policy protects the lender and an owner’s title insurance policy protects the owner. Should any title issues, such as the above, appear after the closing, all you need to do is file a claim.


We enjoy working with those who are enthusiastic like us. Floridian real estate agents and brokers who share with us the joy of taking part in the South Florida real estate market. Although we work with any client who is seeking one of our services, Florida Title Center is mostly dedicated to local brokers and agents who promote the real estate market of South Florida and the counties around (such as Broward county, Palm Beach County and Miami Dade County).

We take a real pride in our network. We truly help real estate agents to penetrate the market by introducing them inside our network as we deeply believe that mutual benefit is the key to success in this industry. Read more about the real estate agents’ experience when working with Florida Title Center.


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    Is title insurance required? 

    Yes, title insurance is mandated in Florida. 

    Who pays for title insurance in Florida?

    It is customary for the seller to pay title insurance in Florida. However, this is not set in stone and negotiations can be made. Title insurance policies only require one premium to be paid at closing. 

    How long is a title insurance policy valid? 

    An owner’s title insurance policy is valid as long as you or your heirs have an interest in the property. A lender’s title insurance policy is valid until the mortgage is satisfied.